Saturday, September 3, 2011

Raw Vegan Cleansing Foods Day 3

Today is my third day of eating raw and I'm feeling pretty good.  I felt a little tired this afternoon with a headache and I'm pretty sure it was a symptom of detox.   I'll just keep drinking a lot of water and encourage those nasty little toxins to flush out.

We've been blending up lots of smoothies with various combinations of greens, fruit, veggies and herbs.  My bf has really been into the smoothie makin' and has introduced me to new flavor additions like basil and lime.  One of the great things about sharing a kitchen is being exposed to new ideas. 

And juice.  This one was inspired by HiHoRosie.  We were chatting on twitter about making a gold juice from gold beets and she made her beautiful Sunflower juice.  I gathered up some golden ingredients and made the Gold Standard.  It's more of an orange color because of all the carrots, but the gold beet flavor really stands out.

Made with these:

I was craving some crunchy greens, so I made a simple salad with butter lettuce, arugula, avocado, hemp seeds, and a sweet ginger vinaigrette.  So fresh and delicious!

This afternoon Chef T and I have spent some time in the kitchen making some raw vegan snacks.  Post about today's creations coming soon. 

Hope you're holiday weekend is off to a great start!


  1. Yummy! And your gold standard looks amazing! I have some leftover grapefruit I might try using with it tomorrow. You know, mix it up a bit. :) I'm intrigued by the addition of basil to smoothies. I've heard this a few times now and sounds so interesting. I will have to try it. So great when people living under the same roof can be supportive and enjoy the same foods.

  2. The juice looks delicious and that's a good rounded photo effect. We had a rather orange start to the day today as well - no gold beets but celery, carrot, apple and clementines. I'm definitely looking forward to chewing on some fresh greens and avocado in a salad ... in about 2 weeks. Enjoy your bank holiday weekend

  3. I love the look of that golden beet juice! The greens salad sounds amazing too. Simple but so clean. I really ought to buy hemp seeds.

  4. Oh! The grapefruit addition sounds amazing! Tim just added a little basil to our smoothie and it made for a nice aftertaste, unexpected and really tasty. We love hanging out in the kitchen together.

  5. Thanks Antony! I love the celery, apple, carrot combo. I bet adding clementines was super delicious.

  6. Thanks! Hemp seeds have changed salads for me. I almost can't make one without sprinkling them on top. Love the nutty taste.

  7. you've got me in the mood to make a juice, smoothie and salad! we've got tons of arugula in the garden, i can't keep up with it. wish i could send some your way!