Monday, May 28, 2012

Two New Raw Vegan Products I Am Loving Right Now, and My Instagram

Hello, long time no seeeeee.  The month of May went by so fast.  I haven't been able to update here, but I have been posting on Instagram.  So, if you're interested in keeping up with me there, you'll find me as nikkifyc.  I've already found some of you there, but if you follow me and leave me a message I'll follow you back if we haven't already connected.  Here's a little instagram recap of May.
Punk Rawk Labs finally made it's way to Portland via Food Fight! Grocery.  All I can say is YUM!  What a delicious treat.   We tried the smoked cashew cheese and devoured it with crackers.  Also, the packaging is really cool.  The tin that it comes in can be washed and reused.  If you're in Portland stop by Food Fight! and pick up a tin.  PRL nut milk cheese is the perfect thing to take to a get together this summer with some flax crackers or veggie chips.

After eating the amazing PRL cheese I decided to try making my own.  Let's just say that I'll have to try again....

It's farmers market season and Portland has a market open almost every day of the week in different neighborhoods.  We've been eating a lot of local veg.

This mouthful of heaven is made locally by Pixie Retreat Raw Laboratorie and Makery.  You can find it at Food Fight! Grocery, Food Front Coop, Alberta Food Coop and People's Coop.  I am totally addicted to the Mock BLT sandwich and they have a kale salad with macadamia cheese that will blow your mind.

Sunday morning vegan gluten-free pancakes with warm fruit, agave, and powdered sugar.

The usual breakfast:  gf oats, chia, flax meal with nut milk and agave.

Afternoon treat.  DIY green tea latte with coconut milk and agave.

Sorry for the month-long absence.  My mind has been elsewhere, but like I mentioned at the beginning of this post you can keep up with me daily on instragram (nikkifyc) and twitter (nikki_fyc).  

Hope everyone is having a lovely long holiday weekend.  I am preparing for a little vacation to somewhere WARM and full of MUSIC and good VEGAN FOOD.  Any guesses?   Here's one more clue: I plan on eating vegan ice cream every day.  I promise to reveal my location and I'll be posting my travel pics on instagram.