Thursday, September 1, 2011

Hello, September. Hello, Cleanse.

Hello, September, I welcome you with open arms.  One of my favorite months of the year!  September usually brings beautiful, warm, sunny weather to the Pacific Northwest and is also the bearer of Autumn (9/23 this year), my most favorite season.  Last year in September I moved to Portland.  Best decision EVER!  This September my sister is moving here. Yes!

I've decided to celebrate by making myself feel healthy and awesome with a super-cleanse.  It's been a happy year full of new and exciting events.  I've enjoyed a lot of tasty vegan food.  Most of it on the heavier side of things, like this avo mac-n-cheeze:

I've loved all of the rich comfort foods, but I'm feeling the need to lighten things up and get this month off to a fresh start.  Today is going to be all about juices & smoothies. This morning's smoothie was spinach, avo, banana, chia and spirulina courtesy of Mr. CatMan, smoothie maker extraordinaire. 

Any good suggestions for detox/cleansing information?  I have some great resources and good old standbys but am always looking for new material.  

Ok, Have a great first day of September and bring on the greens! 


  1. mmmm green smoothie! i would say with cleanses that it is easy to go overboard. it can be a shock to the system to do all juice. a combo of smoothies and salads and simple foods might be just the trick. that's sort of my baseline diet and i feel best on that.

  2. Agreed! I'm pretty sure a kale salad is on the menu for today at some point, as well as some whole fruit, and giant green smoothies. I've been eating mostly raw with lots of greens for the past few weeks, minus this past weekend in Seattle :). And, yes, the whole point is to feel better, not dive head first into an explosion of detox symptoms. So, lots of water too!

  3. Yummy! Both look great! Good luck cleansing, and I love fall too!

  4. I prefer ongoing cleanses, as I tend to eat like The Beauty Detox Diet by Kimberly Snyder, but with a little wiggle room. Occasionally, I eat the wrong food combos and such. Like I'd love to try that avocado mac and cheese :-)

  5. Lauren, I am seriously smitten with Fall!

    Shannonmarie, Thanks! I haven't heard of Kimberly Snyder. I'll check out that book. I definitely feel much better when I'm eating more raw/less processed foods in the right combos. I'm working my way back to that place. Tired of feeling tired all the time :)

  6. that mac-n-cheeze is making my stomach rumbly!

    i've been in cleansing mode recently. cleansing the body and the house. i'm not sure of any resources to recommend, but i can say from reading the experiences of others that a fruit and veggie feast seems to be the way to go, accompanied by light exercise, yoga, oil pulling, skin brushing, detox teas, lots of water and rest. i'm sure you know that already.=)

    happy september and yes, bring on the greens!=)

  7. Yay Kelli! You're my first disqus commenter! Now if I can only get all of my older comments to import... Yeah, I'm just trying to keep it fresh and simple. That's usually what works best for me. Goodbye mac-n-cheeze for a while :)

  8. happy September to you! And even though the avo-mac-n-cheese isn't on the cleanse menu it sure does look tasty!

    Hubby is my smoothie extraordinaire...I can whip one up that's okay but he seems to know the right tweaks to make it stellar. Love spirulina in my smoothies. Just a little bit - really makes me feel good.

  9. This mac-n-cheeze is why I'm cleansing, haha! It's sooo yummy. And really not THAT unhealthy, just kind of weighs me down after a while. Gotta' clean sweep!

    Tim has totally taken over the smoothie makin' around here. I told him how I did it once and then he started making the best smoothies ever. He has super taste buds. I can't complain. Sometimes I have a smoothie in my hand before I even get out of bed in the morning.