Sunday, September 4, 2011

Cleanse Day 4: Everything's Peachy.

It's true.  The cleanse is going well on Day 4.  But there's another side to the title of this post.  Everything's Peachy is also the name I gave my juice for Elena's Juice Contest.  I see that Antony has his entry posted.  Where is yours?  HiHoRosie is going to help with the judging and the winner gets all three of Elena's ebooks.  Fun! 

Everything's Peachy:

2 yellow peaches
2 golden beets
1 lime
2 fuji apples
1 orange (late for the photo shoot)
1 inch nub of ginger root

*Made in a Power Juicer

Sweet & yummy with a little spice.  BF and I enjoyed these in my fancy crystal wine glasses that were a gift from my sister.  My juice has class.  It's also cleansing and packed with vitamin C. 

Now, back to the cleanse.  I've gone back and forth between feeling great and then getting tired with a headache.  I'm not even sure if this is detox related because a few friends are sick with an icky summer cold.  Regardless of what's causing it, I'm just going with my body's signals and resting when I feel tired, drinking a lot of water and detox tea to support the flushing out of toxins, and enjoying the spurts of energy as they come.  I've definitely been exposed to whatever bug is going around, so hopefully all of these nutrient packed smoothies and juices will help me fight it off. 

Oooooh... here's a little teaser.  BF and I worked together to make a raw vegan French onion dip that looks and tastes like the old school soup-powder-packet-mixed-with-a-tub-of-sour-cream version.  I'll post that recipe tomorrow.

Happy Sunday!  I'm so glad I still have one more day of weekend tomorrow.   How are you spending your weekend?  Have you made juice? 


  1. I always think about making juice but our juicer is kind of hard to clean and it's also missing the part that pushes all the fruit/veg into the machine. Love the peach and golden beet combo!

  2. Sometimes I don't make juice because of cleaning the juicer, too. But really it takes less than five minutes. I just don't want to do it when I'm feeling lazy :)

    I've really been into beets in juice lately.

  3. That juice looks yum! I haven't tried beets in a fruit juice yet but I will have to give that a go. Can't wait to see the french onion dip! :)

  4. so funny, i was thinking of doing a spicy peach juice too! since i'm canning my peach pepper jam today, i was going to do a 'peach pepper punch' with a bit of jalapeno. great minds...=)

    looking forward to your onion dip recipe!

  5. Let me know what you think about the beets. I love them because they're sweet and earthy tasting and make juices look pretty.

  6. Yum. Your juice sounds like something I would love. I also thought about making a peach salsa. The peaches are so good right now.

  7. seriously looking forward to your onion dip...mmm! And your juice looks amazing! And I love peaches! Great and interesting combo of ingredients. :)

  8. Awwww... thanks! And, I saw your tweet about my dip :)