Friday, September 2, 2011

More Thoughts On Cleansing

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Why cleanse?  I was enjoying a meet-up with my favorite work ladies this morning and this question came up as I sipped my yerba mate and fresh squeezed grapefruit juice while they chowed down on sweet smelling pancakes and lattes.  This was my response:

  • Overall, I feel much better when I eat unprocessed foods, especially mostly raw - 100% raw.  The more raw I consume, the better I feel.  My body just happens to thrive on it.  
  • My energy levels have taken a dip recently and I know my body well enough to know that processed food has this effect on me.  Actually, my body is letting me know in a few other ways that my nutrition is off:  horrible monthly cramps, bruising, and dry skin patches.
Shanonmarie left a thought-provoking comment on my last post about eating as an on-going cleanse.   I like to think that I am ultimately moving in that direction, but it does ebb and flow.  I am grateful to have enough physical awareness that I can change directions as needed.  That said, I do believe that making permanent healthy changes to diet with a focus on fresh, whole food is the key to healthful longevity. 

I've been enjoying mega-smoothies, fresh juices & fruit, and had a delicious Live Taco Salad at Blossoming Lotus yesterday.   I'm going to spend some quality time with my Vita-Mix and dehydrator making raw vegan treats this long weekend.  Anyone else have kitchen marathons in their holiday plans? 

Oh, yeah... I've switched my comments to disqus and as of now all of my past comments have disappeared, but I've been assured that they will reappear sometime in the next few days, after blogger & disqus have finished the importing process.  Fingers crossed!  I wanted disqus because it allows for a direct reply to specific comments.

Happy Friday!


  1. you are so right about cleansing - i'm thinking about how to incorporate juicing into my routine once i finish my 30 days - it's so easy for me to slip back into eating all sorts of stuff that only tastes good in the moment

    good point about disqus too. might try that ...

  2. Me too about things that taste good in the moment but end up making me feel kind of icky afterwards. Cheers to incorporating lots of healthy raw vegan food, smoothies, and juices into everyday life!

  3. wtg on the cleanse - something i need to do and actually am working towards now. And oh how I love BL! The last time i was in PDX i missed out on going because they had moved and we couldn't find it and it was POURING out so we bagged it. Next time though.

    Congrats (?) on disqus...I like it for the most part but I ended up losing all of my old comments when I switched templates a year or so ago. They were there with disqus but then I think I messed up the html code with the switch. Oh well. They're actually not lost just hidden but it's a trick for me to find. Anyway, not that you needed to know all of that...but really, I like the concept of disqus so I don't plan on giving it up anytime soon. It's great to communicate with. If only blogger was on the same page...

    Anyway, all the best on your cleanse. Look forward to reading more and being inspired as I venture down the same road.

  4. I love love love BL. They have a roasted beet salad that I can't stop ordering. The new space is really nice. Hope you get to try it soon.

    Luckily all of my old comments imported from blogger. I really like being able to respond to each comment. Makes it more like a discussion.

    The cleanse is going great. It was definitely the right time for me :)