Sunday, July 3, 2011

Salad Daze

Salads.  I love them. My kitchen turns into a giant salad bar during the summer.  They're cool and quick and take little effort to throw together.  The combinations are endless: greens, veggies, fruits, sea veg, beans, pate, hummus, nooch, fresh, dried, roasted, fermented.  If you think salads are boring, then you must be making boring salads! This is what I've been chomping on lately:

sweet potato, dulse, edamame, sunflower seeds, spinach

avocado, red quinoa, edamame, mixed baby greens

falafel, apple, steamed baby beets, acorn squash, mixed greens

sunflower pate, dulse, apple, steamed beets, edamame, greens

NOOCH!, sweet potato, dulse, avocado, sunflower seeds, spinach

arugula, PICKLES!, sunflower sea veg pate, edamame, baby greens

dulse, edamame, greens

Then comes the dressing.  I like mine creamy with a nice combo of sweet & salty flavors.  Ingredients that I tend to mix up are miso, tahini, lemon juice, agave, and apple cider vinegar.  If I'm in a rush and want to use a bottled dressing I usually go for Annie's Goddess, my old favorite stand-by.  How do you like your salad and dressing? 


  1. I will be stealing some of these ideas! ;)

  2. Lauren, I'm flattered. You are the queen of awesome salads. :)

  3. wow! all of these salads look delicious! any salad that has sweet potato i am all over! the edamame, avocado, and red quinoa looks delish, too!