Thursday, July 21, 2011

Round-Up! 7/21/11

  • After a long weekend of being called into work every night my LOVE <3 surprised me twice with treats from some of my favorite places.  This adorable tote bag from Herbivore was at the top of my wish list.  Other treats included cute socks (I have a collection!), soy curls, daiya pepperjack shreds, vegan calamari, my favorite black licorice, caveman bars and raw vegan strawberry cheesecake.  Edible treats were from Food Fight.  My sweetie is the best.
  • As far as twitter goes, I just signed up and I'm filling my feed with people who make me think, laugh, and motivate.  Find me @cocofrescojoven.

  • I would love to go to Minneapolis and visit Alissa at the farmer's market and pick up some kale chips!  Alissa rocks.  I met her in person, so I should know. 
  • And while I'm dreaming about visiting awesome people I should mention that I want-want-want to go to Victoria, BC and stop by Sarah's Place, Sarah Kramer's new vegan curio shop that opened it's doors last week!
  • I met up with Seattle friends at Sweetpea over the weekend and had some tasty gluten free coffee cake.  I didn't have the Sunday brunch this time, but it looked really good.  Had a great time hanging out.
Hope everyone is having a great Thursday!


    1. cute bag! did you say vegan calamari? yum!

      you're quite the social butterfly!=) it's been so hot and humid here, i'm instantly miserable when i step out the door. i can't believe i'm saying this, but i've actually been daydreaming about fall! don't tell anyone!=)

    2. i want all those things too!

      super cute bag. i am rocking my kale shirt from there. well until it got garlic fries down the back. long story.

    3. kelli, Yes! The vegan calamari is by Sophie's Kitchen. It's so good and it's made from some sort of yam. We've been lucky to have cooler temperatures here, but it finally heated up a bit this weekend.

      bitt, Tim's wearing his right now too!

    4. aw, what a sweet bf you have! So thoughtful. We love spirulina here too - esp, my baby. He *loves* the stuff! I like it smoothies (not too much though! ha).