Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Announcing My New Project!

Hi there!  I've hinted around about some announcements coming up and this is one of them:

It's moving time!  I'm going to start blogging at Eat To The Beet and my first post is up.  Click on over to to find out why I'm moving my posts over there.  

Fresh Young Coconut is going to stay up and I'll post a reminder whenever I have a new post at Eat To The Beet, at least for a while.  After Yummy Raw Kitchen (my very first blog!) had to be shut down Fresh Young Coconut was here so I could keep in touch with all of my blog-world-friends.  But things are changing (always) and I wanted to have my own .com for future projects.  

Thanks to all of my friends who visit me here and leave comments on my posts.  My favorite part about blogging is meeting people and connecting over a love for vegan food!  Without you this would not be nearly as fun.  

I would be so happy if you'd check out my new space.  See you there :)