Friday, April 29, 2011

Waiting Patiently For Spring

Spring is taking it's sweet little time here in Portland.  We're getting teasers of warmth and sunshine , but we still have our typical blanket of grey skies and rain showers.  I made this strawberry mango smoothie to encourage some Spring feelings, and I guess it sort of worked.
Our one 70 degree day last week was awesome!  My sister and I found a cozy place to sit outside and enjoy some adult beverages.  Cherry cider and sunshine is a good combo for inducing a summer-like experience.
 Poopers loves to go out in the sunshine, too :)
It cooled off after a day, so we had a pizza party.  This one has boyfriend-made pesto with zucchini, artichoke, mushroom, and sundried tomato.  Actually, bf made all of the pizzas.
Red sauce, cabbage sauteed in rice vinegar, mushrooms, capers, and seaweed.  Soooo gooood. 
Sunday morning called for vegan pancakes with real maple syrup. This one has banana slices.
This one with strawberries and chocolate.  
Lemon-rosemary whole wheat gnocchi.  Tangy and savory and delicious.
Hot and sour cabbage soup made with miso broth.  Very warming.

Those were the highlights of my week.  Spending time with my loved ones has kept me busy and happy! I'm going to embrace the last (fingers crossed) of our winter-ish weather and spend some time cuddled up with a book and hot tea.  Hope you all have a great weekend.


  1. I'd like to help myself to everything! Looks soo good. Hello, fun pancakes! :)

    I hear that it's supposed to be nice this weekend. Yay! So far things are shaping up nicely here. Just want it to last.

  2. One 70 degree day does help for mental health. But let's hope for more in the near future.

    Poopers on a harness is too cute. Did he come out to eat with you all?

  3. mmm everything looks so yummy, esp that pizza!

  4. Oh, holy moly - that pizza looks freaking incredible!!

  5. i hope you're enjoying spring, and lots and lots of sunshine!=)