Thursday, April 14, 2011

Family Kitchen Time: Cupcakes & Soup

More Vegan Cupcakes!  Today I got to spend some quality kitchen time with my mom & sister.  This is wonderful because my sister lives a billion miles away from us, and she's here for a visit.  We made two kinds of cupcakes.
Mexican hot chocolate cupcakes with Kahlua chocolate buttercream frosting.  Awesomely decorated by sister.
 And super lemony cupcakes with pink lemonade frosting.  Decorated for Spring with natural jellybeans, by me.
Sister decorating her cute cupcakes.
Wearing our matching snowman aprons.  I love Christmas stuff all year!
Mixing up the medicine.  Cake IS medicine.
Vern is here!  Lickin' up the scraps.
For dinner we made a yummy rice noodle soup with veggie broth, "beef" strips, tofu, veggies, and mushrooms sauteed in sake.  Very warm and satisfying.
 MMmm soup.
The animals were hanging out in the kitchen with us, looking cute, waiting for the crumbs to fall.  Meet Fred, my mom's adorable cat.
I wish I could take credit for this one, but this amazing plate of deliciousness was served up by the talented boyfriend on Sunday morning.  Just something that he "threw together" aka the MOST heavenly breakfast ever.  <3!


  1. vern is so sweet, how is he doing?...and fred is just too adorable for words...

    lemon cupcakes with pink lemonade frosting!!!! wow, they look soooooooo yummy and girlie!

    your man is pretty awesome. nice brekkie! i'm drooling.

    have a great weekend.

  2. Oh wow, those cupcakes are beautiful! Yum!

  3. yum yum yum yum yum yum yum! Awesomely decorated cupcakes! ANd yes, they are medicine. Cupcakes (and cake in general) are so happy and can make anyone smile. Soup, breakfast look incredible. So glad Vern's up and around. Hope he continues to heal and Fred is just a cutie!

  4. How is Vern? I have been thinking of him. I think he will pull through for awhile.

    The cupcakes are so cute. I love the jellybeans on top. Kalhua ones? How decadent! I did not know it could be made vegan. Are these from Vegan Cupcakes?

  5. Aimee, Yep, both of these were based on recipes from VCTOTW and are vegan. I'm so obsessed with that book! And Vern is doing great! The only problem is keeping his activity levels down for a while so his heart can recover. He just wants to get up and go. Thanks for thinking of him :)

  6. sweet fred and vern - glad to hear vern's doing well!

  7. ps - i could really go for one of those cupcakes right now! what a fun way to spend time with your mom and sis.=)

  8. Really enjoy reading about all the wonderful food and people (and animals) you write about! Makes my heart smile : ) Keep it up......and it makes me want to eat healthy.

  9. i am having trouble commenting. not sure why. but i think i got it now. those cupcakes look amazing!

  10. Vern!! I love him! I also love this post :)