Thursday, April 19, 2012

Lunch Box: Azuki Beans with Kabocha Squash, Sweet Potato and Kale

Hello!  I'm feeling so much better after last weekend's gluten invasion sickness.  There are still a few lingering symptoms, but overall I'm feeling good.  No more gluten for me, no thank you!  This lunch box looked extra pretty to me, so I thought I'd share.  From top left:  azuki beans with kabocha squash, sweet potato with black sesame seeds, and steamed kale with umeboshi vinegar.  This is a good example of how I've been eating lately.  Real, whole, unprocessed foods.  Local and in season as much as possible.  Vegan and gluten free, of course.  Lucky for me these foods taste amazing just the way they are.  Bravo, tastebuds!  

For the azuki beans and the kabocha squash I use this recipe from the Kind Life blog:
*edit - Shoyu is not gluten free.  I use Bragg's or gf tamari as a substitute in this recipe.  Thanks for noticing this Bitt! 

The sweet potato is just baked until soft then scooped out of the skin and sprinkled with a pinch of sea salt and black sesame seeds.

The kale is simply steamed and sprinkled with umeboshi plum vinegar.

Hope you're having a great week!  What are you having for lunch today?


  1. What a lovely lunch box! Looks very perfect! I've been wanting sweet potato lately, I should get some... and eat it for breakfast with coconut butter and cinnamon. :) Oh and I meant to tell you the other day that I love the new header/banner thing. So adorable!

  2. I eat a lot of the same stuff, my plate is often similar colors. :-) it's the good stuff!

    you probably already know but in case a random person comes to your site, shoyu isn't gluten-free, i has wheat. some people try to say that the gluten ferments out of shoyu and soy sauce but i have had reactions that tell me otherwise.

  3. Yes, I'm feeling so good eating this stuff. Makes my body very happy :)

    Thanks for bringing up the shoyu. I don't use it, but I forgot to make note of that with the link to the recipe. I've been using braggs and tamari.

  4. I've been having it for breakfast too! I'll have to try it with the coconut butter, that sounds amazing. And thanks for the compliment on my header. I'm a huge fan of hearts :)

  5. I'm loving all your green food. Sorry about the gluten thing. It doesn't always like me either, so I rarely consume it.

  6. Thanks, Shannonmarie. I'm adjusting to the gf thing pretty well and my body is happy so I'm feeling mostly grateful that I figured it out :)

  7. Looks yummy :)