Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Hello, December

December! Happy holiday season to you.  The past month has been full of family time and getting warm and cozy.  I went on a Veganomicon bender and enjoyed some hearty comfort food inspired by two of my favorite cookbook authors, Terry and Isa. 

Leek and Bean Cassoulet with Biscuits

Portobello Piccata with Olives and Green Beans
served on mashed potatoes

As soon as it got cold I couldn't get enough hearty, warm food.  Happens every winter.  This week I'm getting the balance back with fresh fruit (persimmons!) and big salads. 

Look at how beautiful my neighborhood was last month.  I enjoyed many long walks.  
Happy Tuesday and I hope your December is off to a festive start. 


  1. missed you! glad to see you've been having a great start to the holiday season ;) i also go on veganomicon "benders" as well. it's such an amazing cookbook!

  2. I've been cooking tons of yummy soups- I got the bug for comfort food as soon as it got cold too!

  3. Both trees are beautiful! Love your kitty in the one pic! :) yummy eats!

  4. I'm so glad winter is here. Your Christmas tree is lovely!

  5. such a beautiful tree both the indoor one and out. hope it's not too rainy there. i've also been on an isa "bender" but with appetite for reduction. those two are geniuses!